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Community Development Organization was established in “1999” by a group of dedicated social workers, professional doctors and intellectuals. It is Non-profit, Non-Religious, Non-Political, & Non-Government organization.

It is working for the promotion of basic health facilities and education in low lying areas. Formally it was registered with social welfare department “under voluntarily Social Ordinance,1961”.

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Paitient Saved From Blindness





Our Causes

Community Development Organization is working for the prevention of blindness by arranging free eye camps for cataract surgery.

Raised: 52.000$ Goal: 90.000$

Protecting Sight

Community Welfare Organization aims to prevent avoidable blindness and save the sight of some of the Pakistan’s most vulnerable people...Read More


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Raised: 52.000$ Goal: 90.000$

Fighting Diseases

We help to treat and prevent five debilitating diseases that affect more than a billion people. These parasitic and bacterial infections are known as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)... Read More


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Raised: 52.000$ Goal: 90.000$

Disability rights

We believe everyone has the right to learn, earn and be happy, which is why we promote equal opportunities for people with visual impairments and other disabilities....Read More

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Raised: 52.000$ Goal: 90.000$

Amblyopia in Pakistani children age 3 to 14 years.

Amblyopia is classically defined as a reduction in corrected visual acuity (VA) in absence of visible organic abnormalities and is due to misdirected, blurred, or absent retinal images during development of visual system.Read More

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Raised: 52.000$ Goal: 90.000$

Eye Camp Proposal

Our NGO is also working for screening and evaluation of glaucoma in community and give treatment to the effected.In Southern Punjab there is more cataract patients as compare to Northern Punjab...Read More

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Raised: 52.000$ Goal: 90.000$

Development of Primery Eye Care

Comprehensive health care includes the activities of health promotion, disease prevention, curative measures at the time of illness, and rehabilitation if the damage caused by the disease is disabling...Read More

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1.9 million Blind of which 80% or 1.49 million are Curable.

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CDO Achievements

This project is a big achievement of Community Welfare Organizatio(NGO) many said it was impossible to achieve ... EYE CAREFOUNDATION provide low cost eye care services to needy.

General Out Patients Department

  • In this department, qualified doctors are available and medicines are given to the deserving patients by taking nominal registration Fee. In the ten year 46647. patients visited this department and got medical treatment. patients were referred to different hospitals for further treatment.

Eye Out Patient Department

A well furnished and fully equipped Eye Out Patient Department is available, which is functioning under the supervision of qualified and skilled eye surgeon and visiting eye consultants. Nominal Registration Fee for eye out patient department. The available medicines are given to the patient without any charges. In the ten year 46636. patients visited eye out Patient Department. 10% Patients were suffering from diabetes. They were referred to the different hospitals for laser therapy. Few patients were admitted for eye surgery.

Eye Indoor Patient Department

  • A well equipped air conditioned operation theatre is available with latest Microscope Tikagi OMS 5.All operations are done under microscope and latest kertomer and Ascan also Present in operation theater.Intra ocular lens are implanted.There is also a phaco machine for phacoemulsification is available on rent basis.

Public Awareness Program & Prevention Of Blineness

  •  Health education to promote the adoption of eye health promoting treatment in the general public and train leprosy healthcare workers in affords enormous potential for blindness prevention programmes. This review explores the role of health promotion in the prevention of avoidable blindness in developing countries. Using examples from eye health and other health topics from developing countries, the review demonstrates that effective eye health promotion involves a combination of three components: health education directed at behaviour change to increase adoption of prevention behaviours and uptake of services; improvements in health services such as the strengthening of patient education and increased accessibility and acceptability; and advocacy for improved political support for blindness prevention policies.. Donate Now

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